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Глубокое музыкальное чувство и увлекательная интерпретация дирижера Debashisha Chaudhuri основана на уникальной комбинации индийских и европейских культур. Он обладатель богатого симфонического репертуара, ему нравится познавать интересные симфонические произведения, которые берут вдохновение из Индии и Азии. 

In 2004 Debashish received first prize at the conducting competition in Lausanne in Switzerland, and in 2005 he was the first Indian to reach the finals at the prestigious conducting competition in Besançon in France. He works with Czech and foreign orchestras such as l’Orchestre de Franche-Comté. In 2006 he instigated the Lions’ Club of Bohemia concerts for the benefit of the blind and partially-sighted, and in 2006 he organised the Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonia’s Indian tour, making it the first Czech orchestra to visit India for 57 years, where he enchanted audiences in Mumbai and Calcutta with Czech music.

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