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Dear music friends,

we would like to introduce you to a new member of our free association of artists PETROF Art Family, Czech singer Michal Horák.

Michal Horák is a young singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. In addition to music, he also pursues studies at the Faculty of Education, Charles University. In 2021, he won the popularity poll in the category Discovery of the Year in the Český Slavík 21. He is one of the most prominent representatives of the songwriting generation, ranking alongside names such as Pokáč or Voxel. His work follows the songwriting tradition of the duo Svěrák-Uhlíř.

He attracts his fans with a sense of situational humor, sympathetic easy-going, and the ability to capture everyday life with humor and aptness.These are cornerstones of his two series albums, Michalovo cédéčko (2019) and Michalbum (2021), praised by both his critics and fans. Also, his popularity grows with concerts and success on YouTube or Spotify. After all, the fact that his clips have exceeded 22 million views and have almost 60,000 listeners a month speaks for itself. The main instrument of Horák's work is the piano, and the Petrof brand accompanies him throughout his life. 

“As a native citizen of Hradec Králové, I have a genuine relationship with PETROF. Even my great-uncle and father worked there for a while. I played my first notes on PETROF piano because I had it at home when I was a child. Over time, I began to seek these pianos more for my music because I know they guarantee quality. Therefore, I am, of course, honored to be part of the PETROF Art Family,” says the songwriter.

Michal, welcome!

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