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Dear music friends,

we would like to introduce you a new member of our free association of artists PETROF Art Family, Ukrainian pianist Alisa-Mariia Vorokh.

Alisa-Mariia Vorokh (*2010) is one of the most promising Ukrainian young pianists. Living in Odesa she is a student of Iryna Didushok. Her mother is an opera singer, her father is a songwriter and composer. Laureate (1 place, piano) of international competitions such as: “Talants” (Kyiv, Ukraine, 2022), King’s Pick International Music Competition (California, USA, 2021), “Estrellas Brillantes” (Spain, 2021) and others. As a pianist Alisa-Mariia played in the Odesa Regional Philharmony solo and with the Odesa Regional Chamber Orchestra (conductor Volodymyr Dykyj); at Odesa Roerich House, Odesa Literary Museum.

Also, she played the organ in St. Paul's Lutheran Cathedral (Odesa). Alisa-Mariia gave a recital in Bucharest and took part in different concerts in Romania. As a singer she sang with an Andriy Chernyy Orchestra in Odesa Regional Philharmony; with an orchestra in Odesa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater (conductor Vitaliy Kovalchuk), and in the National Opera of Bucharest.

Alisa-Mariia, welcome!

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