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Another year had passed, and we could not miss the opportunity to participate in the Music China trade fair, which took place from 28 to 31 October 2020 in Shanghai, China.

PETROF company was a part of the Czech musical instruments manufacturers stand. For the first time in many years, representatives of PETROF from the Czech Republic could not arrive in China due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the stand visitors were welcomed and served by representatives of the cooperating Czech trade agency and our Chinese distributor.
A lovely couple, pianist Richard Pohl and his wife, soprano
Xing Xing Wang, who are members of the free association of artists PETROF Art Family, had performed several times at the stand during the fair.

More than 2,400 exhibitors from 34 countries presented themselves at the fair on an area of 145,000 m2. Every year, more than 120,000 visitors from 79 countries participate in the fair. Everyone aims to recognize the latest trends, developments, and products from various areas of the music industry. However, this year was slightly weakened by the coronavirus pandemic in terms of the number of exhibitors and visitors.

We thank every visitor of our stand, and we believe that next year we will be able to participate in full force and welcome the usual number of visitors. 


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